with transparency

with responsibility

with integrity


connecting a new history

who we are ?

evoltz history begins with Texas Pacific Group (TPG) investment in Brazil on May 2018 to acquire Abengoa's energy transmission operating assets in the country. The company is exclusively dedicated to the operation and maintenance of transmission assets, with approximately 3,561 km of 230, 500 and 600 kV energy transmission lines in 10 states, distributed in 07 concessions

its system and monitoring operation center is located in Rio de Janeiro

evoltz is positioned in Brazil with the mission of promoting the social and economic development of the country through its activities, offering increasingly better and reliable solutions to its customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders and investors, as well as to society



promote the social and economic development of Brazil through the activity of energy transmission, ensuring the consistency of our processes and the alignment of our employees with our business model


be recognized as a reference company in the electricity sector in terms of good business practices, safety, quality of service and profitability




through relationships based on trust, ethics and commitment, we establish the link between the organization and employees to build lasting relationships

innovative attitude

we encourage innovation through creative ideas that streamline our processes to achieve better results


we adopt responsible practices in conducting our business, ensuring compliance with our processes, ensuring continued operation and adherence to regulatory bodies

sustainable measures

our ethical commitment is to evaluate the impact of our decisions on society and the environment, contributing to the improvement of the life of current and future generations


we ensure a quality standard in our organization, through well-structured processes, inspiring leaders and investing well-formed asset-based teams creating critical mass for development and growth while respecting the highest quality industry standards in our organization, through well-structured processes, inspiring leaders, and investing in well-formed asset-based teams creating critical mass for development and growth while meeting the highest industry standards.


energy drives our business through motivated and resilient employees who believe teamwork is critical to our business


meet our operations strategic partner

omega brasil is a company specialized in operation and maintenance services for high and extra high voltage transmission lines and substations (138 - 600 kV), equipped with a team and specialized tools it covers the entire Brazilian territory, from the Amazon to Rio Grande do Sul
supported by a state-of-the-art computerized operation, the operation is capable of tele-supervising and remote-controlling facilities located in any region of Brazil
real-time supervision and remote control of facilities made available through the system's operating center on an uninterrupted shift basis (7h x 24h), and activities to support this supervision in real time